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Yes, it has been awhile but I’m back.  I am sure you have missed me.

I know I started this blog saying I wanted to chronicle my unemployment journey and help marginal people but obviously that didn’t work out since I rapidly loss interest during my race to the bottom.  I am still unemployed… maybe forever and ever, Amen, but I think I should be allowed to do my own things right now.

I have decided that I will be using my blogs to talk about whatever I want to talk about, however whatever spirit moves me, for better or for worse.  Like miracle weight lost, let’s talk about the incredible story of how I went from this to this

Gym is your friend

in just 365 days!  The power of Jim!

I want to share my plan for economic recovery and talk about how coupons for healthcare would be a great equalizer in our new world order.  I want to talk about movies and shows along with the daily OMG news being shown in my neck of the woods.  I and my new friends Jim, Jack, Johnny and Jose watch everything these days with a bowl of popcorn.

Maybe I will even talk about me even though that is not a very interesting tale.  The truth is I had my psychotic break years and years ago and no one knew it but me.  I could claim it happened during a high stress job where I was at the top of the food chain, and after a brief period of court cases, funding issues, corporate thefts, employee pillaging and stalking, I simply shutdown.  The truth is I enjoyed that period about as much as I have enjoyed everything since and was functioning much like the way I continue to function today—- chronic headaches, migraines, panic attacks, mood swings, rash, hives, sporadic sleep and unexplained periods of unwarranted euphoria.  Shutting down has never meant I got to stop working, discontinue supporting my kids and cease being a somewhat productive member of society; no, I was a responsible psycho (psycho being used in the broadest sense in that I recognized I had some type (maybe several) antisocial personality disorders).

I also want to display my political cartoons and tell you about all the dreams I have been having.  Lyrica is a terrible drug.  Just ask me how I know.

Filed under Unemployment; Self Expression; Ecomonic recovery; Poverty; Mental Health; Psychosis; Symptoms; Writing; Lyrica;

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