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I suppose I have to finish the Amazon saga tomorrow since I have a paying piece of ridiculous journalism that should be finished today. So I will be brief. Someone actually asked about me. What I am really like or how would I describe myself.  I thought about this a long time ago and sum up a great deal of myself this way (you may have to stick a few “I am’s” in there):

I am an above average woman that frequently falls below expectations for all sorts of stereotypical standards I would not dream of meeting.  An academically-minded vampirologist and part-time monster slayer who passed in the corporate world by day.  The original eccentric, low-maintenance Diva with eclectic tastes and esoteric visions.  I am cursed with Laconic wit rather than Attic salt. The international traveler without boundaries.  Choked full of good, old fashioned common sense and the origins of myth. Creative and complicated. Perhaps an interrupted wordsmith. I know what lurks beneath the murky waters and lies at the heart of darkness, so I stopped fishing and going there. Think duality: Boogeyman and Avenging Angel, drawn in anime, both beautiful and terrible to behold. Inclined to the personal philosophy of caution to the wind, I’d rather spectacularly crash and burn, having lived my life to its fullest. Warning: I really am an acquired taste, not rated “E” for everyone. 

I like:

Phenomenal people. Reasonably sane people. Creative types. The accomplished yet still undone. Those with much to say and who are smart enough to know when to say it, especially to me.

Did this help?

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