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Panem Is a Role Model to Some…


Once more Congress has treated us to bread and circuses because they are a tab bit gang rape-y.  Every time this group works together to do something ostensibly in my best interests, I emerge feeling like I was just forced through the horizontal shame mambo with all those liver-spotted wretches. And as usual, Obama simply bent over. I was going to make a list about how bad the cliff deal is and saw Robert Reich had done it for me. Thank you.


The deal emerging from the Senate is a lousy one. Let me count the ways:

1. Republicans haven’t conceded anything on the debt ceiling, so over the next two months – as the Treasury runs out of tricks to avoid a default – Republicans are likely to do exactly what they did before, which is to hold their votes on raising the ceiling hostage to major cuts in programs for the poor and in Medicare and Social Security.

2. The deal makes tax cuts for the rich permanent (extending the Bush tax cuts for incomes up to $400,000 if filing singly and $450,000 if jointly) while extending refundable tax credits for the poor (child tax credit, enlarged EITC, and tuition tax credit) for only five years. There’s absolutely no justification for this asymmetry.


3. It doesn’t get nearly enough revenue from the wealthiest 2 percent — only $600 billion over the next decade, which is half of what the President called for, and a small fraction of the White House’s goal of more than $4 trillion in deficit reduction. That means more of the burden of tax hikes and spending cuts in future years will fall on the middle class and the poor.

4. It continues to exempt the first $5 million of inherited wealth from the estate tax (the exemption used to be $1 million). This is a huge gift to the heirs of the wealthy, perpetuating family dynasties of the idle rich.

Yes, the deal finally gets Republicans to accept a tax increase on the wealthy, but this is an inside-the-Beltway symbolic victory. If anyone believes this will make the GOP more amenable to future tax increases, they don’t know how rabidly extremist the GOP has become.


The deal also extends unemployment insurance for more than 2 million long-term unemployed. That’s important.

But I can’t help believe the President could have done better than this. After all, public opinion is overwhelmingly on his side. Republicans would have been blamed had no deal been achieved.

More importantly, the fiscal cliff is on the President’s side as well. If we go over it, he and the Democrats in the next Congress that starts later this week can quickly offer legislation that grants a middle-class tax cut and restores most military spending. Even rabid Republicans would be hard-pressed not to sign on.



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Once Upon a Time’s new spin on old stories!


Little Red Riding Hood = Werewolf

Fandom: AWESOME what an edgy new take on the fairytale!

Jiminy Cricket = Accidental Murderer


The Huntsman = soul bonded with a wolf

Fandom: WOW that’s so deep and mysterious!

Lancelot = black man


(Source: headtrip-honey, via bloodbend-your-mind)

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Breyers Isn’t Ice Cream Anymore

Am I the only person who remembers Breyers All Natural Ice Cream ads? The kid would read the four ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and vanilla without any problem.  Well, I came out of my stupor today to venture out into the real world and just discovered it is not natural anymore.  In fact, most of the frozen stuff does not even carry the Breyers Pledge to use only high quality ingredients either. Now, cost-cutting measures have changed the taste and texture of Breyers ice cream into frankensteinian concoctions made with “natural and artificial food additives.” We get to eat the yummy goodness of things like tara gum, which when boiled in water is used kill fleas and ticks.

Breyers can no longer sell their products as ice cream because they don’t contain enough milk and cream to be ice cream.  I don’t know what is really in that carton, but it is no longer a half gallon size but something decidedly smaller and more expensive. I wonder how much tara gum is required to deem a product insecticide. Look for Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert at your local store if you are into creamy unnatural messes.

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A Very Dirty Dollar

Alonza Shinea Washington celebrated her 21st birthday with a trip to jail.  Initially, she was ‘only’ arrested for malicious wounding, battery and disorderly conduct. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for her because she upped the ante to an additional charge of transporting drugs into the Western Regional Jail.

According to the criminal complaint against her, as Washington was booked she asked a correctional officer for a cigarette and offered to pay for it. She told the officer that that she had no money on her person, but could come up with the necessary cash if the officer allowed her to go to the bathroom.

The nasty woman proceeded to enter the bathroom, where she pulled out $74 cash and a gram of marijuana from her love pocket.  She was charged on the drug. No word on whether the correctional officer accepted the dirty dollar as payment.

Looks like the police also made her remove her wig. Wow, I guess jail is rough.


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99 Problems But A Job Ain’t One

Behold the power of a committee of one: Brian Banks.

Many news organizations have been poking fun at Michigan in the aftermath of the election.  They are questioning the wisdom of the people of Detroit for electing career criminal Brian Banks, 35, as a new state representative.  Banks, who won a seat in Lansing as a state representative for the 1st District (the east side of Detroit) has been convicted eight times between 1998 and 2004 of writing bad checks and credit card fraud. He even had a neat little website biography that suggested he had been a lawyer at a local firm, as well as a college teacher.  Problem was he was misrepresenting himself quite a bit on that website, which seriously, is not really surprising considering who he has been up until this point.

Thus, Brian Banks unpublished all references about his employment at a law firm and the school he teaches after news broke about his eight felony convictions. He had already mislead Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon to believe he was a lawyer (he wasn’t) in order to get his endorsement. The sheriff did not know about his felonies or he would not have endorsed him. Banks blamed his web designer for not unpublishing the misleading information before the media discovered it.

Besides his eight convictions for bad checks and credit card fraud, Banks has been evicted multiple times and is currently facing yet another eviction lawsuit. He says he is just another victim of the economy, experiencing the same financial issues as his constituents. For once, I believe the crooked politician’s statement on this.  I am not mad at him. I just hope he takes this opportunity to get his life together and be the public servant he claims he wants to be.

I would like to think we try to elect the best people to lead us whether it is in government, church, mountain climbing or whatever but we don’t always get it right. Normally convictions make a difference to constituents but apparently Detroit is different. Banks is not the first or last person who will be elected from this depressed and dying place with a problematic personal record. It has happened before and will again.

At least he has a job now. Maybe he can pay his rent.

Also, Banks was not the only weird Michigan candidate elected either. Reindeer farmer Kerry Bentivolio, who once swore in a deposition he wasn’t always sure if he was himself or Santa Claus and whose own brother describes as “mentally unbalanced,” won a House seat in the state’s 11th district.

Ho, ho, ho.

Americans like crackpots and troubled pasts apparently.  It may explain why after 14,387 resumes, I still can’t find a job.

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Romney Rolls Up Sleeves To Repair Thousands Of Dollars Worth of Damage

Never missing an opportunity to capitalize and profit from the beleaguered, Romney has been sightseeing up and down the Atlantic coastline to repair the unimaginable damage done to Romney-Ryan campaign signs.  Sadly, many signs were washed out to sea. No word yet on whether Romney’s insurance company will approve his claim and pick up the tab.

Staffers confirmed the GOP candidate also donated 10,000 pairs of rubber sandals with toe tongs to needy families left shoe-less by the storm.

The Onion nearly got it was right. Follow-up below.,30205/?ref=auto

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Golem No Longer Admires Powell

He never admired Obama—- (not that there’s anything wrong with that; in fact, it applies to me). I just feel bad because he seems to get more senile by the hour.

John McCain needs to have a seat and keep his ‘nasty chips’ on his shoulders where they belong.  The old humpback toured the racist circuit of Fox & Friends and the National Review Online to tell anyone who would listen about how sad and disappointed he is in Colin Powell.  He also blamed Powell for America’s War on Iraq despite his own fervent support of committing our troops to the “war on terror.”

The real question is why is McCain SILENT on Mitt Romney’s constant flip-flopping on his ‘position’ on the issues, his lies, and his endorsement of Senator Mourdock and his ilk. Why is McCain SILENT on Romney’s ignorance of foreign policy and the appalling glimpses we have gotten about how tough he will be on his friends in China?

Boo-hoo! No one sane can tow all the crazy GOP party lines—- not even me and I am an Über multi-tasker.  Sometimes you have to open the window and let the Republican smoke clear out for lucidity to return. Otherwise, you will start believing you deserve less pay and rape is your fault, so share custody of that baby.  That’s ‘preciousess.’ So, Powell and McCain used to be friends. Nowadays, friend is a four-letter word. Get over it McCain.

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BREAKING: A Pennsylvania bill that would have limited welfare benefits for low-income mothers—unless they could prove their newborns were a result of rape—has been withdrawn by the lawmakers who introduced it after a wave of criticism following its announcement.

“The [bill’s] language was not at all what I requested,” said Republican Representative RoseMarie Swanger in a voicemail message to The Daily Beast. “After all the concerned contacts I got, I’m pulling that and working on something better next year.”

House Bill 2718 would have cut assistance to low-income families supplied by the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program, but created an exemption for rape victims and children conceived during rape. The bill would have required women to prove they had reported their rapes to authorities. Critics said this was unrealistic—slightly more than half of all rapes go unreported—but also assumes only rapes that are reported to authorities count as rape.

Swanger told The Daily Beast she decided to yank the bill after a flood of calls from reporters. She had hoped to model the Pennsylvania Bill after a successful law passed in New Jersey that limited welfare funds to families as they had more children.

(via newsweek)

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I’m Not Sure Why Romney Was So Sweaty Tonight

In the final Presidential debate, but I know why he endorsed equal pay abroad instead of here at home in America.  He outsources… and when you are saving money paying a foreign man $2 a day, you can feel a little more ‘charitably’ inclined to pay a woman the same meager wage of $2 too. 

Obviously, under the Bishop’s plan, the masses are going to need more cheap goods brought in over the next four years as we go back to the old days and ways.

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