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A Happy Ending After All

Oh Lawd! Boosie’s Gone To Hell!

It was two deaths for the price of one and I can’t help thinking reapers are getting greedy! News like this isn’t good for anybody. Much like the hobbit that became Golem, a Baltimore woman with cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair, fought valiantly to get her “precious” back out of animal control’s “nassty little pocketsess”—- and won, only to die with her prize.

56-year-old Terry Douglass wasn’t even a dog lover, but the power of Christ compelled her to reclaim the lovable but feisty pit bull Boosie that bit her face so badly two years ago that when she opened her mouth, her cheek would open up with it. Just ghastly, right? And me without a picture to capture the moment. Douglass kept the pet and it later went on to attack her nephew over some dropped food, as well as Douglass herself again. This time animal control got involved.

Douglass refused to be parted from the dog after animal control took it into custody. She pinched her pennies and had the dog vaccinated for rabies and at the end of a mandatory quarantine period, animal control returned Boosie back to Douglass, stating the dog was not a threat to the public.

They were right. Boosie wasn’t a threat to anyone but the wheelchair using lady that loved it. On Friday, Douglass was reaching for a glass of water to quench her thirst, when she toppled out of her wheelchair. Boosie knew an opportunity when it presented itself. The 4-year-old pit bull pounced on the helpless Douglass as she lay on the ground and literally “ripped her apart.”

Douglass died. Apparently Boosie decided to follow in her footsteps. The dog died shortly after police shot it with a (permanent?) tranquilizer dart.


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Celebrating Black History

Hell, I do.  Everyday.  Hence, I do not need government sanctioned time to remember this nation’s past. Yes, this country because Americans are so self-centered and xenophobic.

But February is supposedly special, so I try to pay extra attention to dubious achievements this month, like this one posted on

We celebrate Black History Month in a myriad of ways these days.  North Albany Academy celebrated by hosting a program where the students, aged 5 to 14, performed dances for their parents.  Aydrea Meaders, 24, celebrated by walking to the front of the stage during the assembly at her child’s school and removing all her clothing from the waist up.  School staff immediately escorted the woman off the stage and called the Albany Police who arrested the woman. Meaders has been charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of public lewdness. She was arraigned in the Albany City Criminal Court. 

The Albany School District plans to send parents a special letter explaining what happened, so be sure to check the mail.

I will.

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Sure, I like the movie swag but phone calls are unacceptable. The rise of the machines is upon us and never has it been more evident than when I answered a phone call from 480-999-0653.  The creepy Droid on the other end that sort of spoke like a real boy claimed to be from WN Positions (never heard of them) and that ‘it’ was calling because someone in my house was inquired about work.  I have been looking for work for more than a year, so yes, it could have been me but I never filled out an online inquiry.   I always apply direct or use headhunters.  Anyway, Droid wanted me to answer some questions so he could ‘match’ me with jobs but for that he wanted my birthday.  Right.  I think not.

No one should give out personal information to anyone calling you.  You put yourself at the mercy of scammers like this one.  This new, more ‘human-like’ automated caller is super creepy because it is a sign of advancements in this area.  It was even programmed to go hmmm, uh, well, etc. like it was thinking about an actual answer to your questions about who this really was and why it needed to know this information. I hung up but I am still traumatized by having a bot try to pretend to be a human conversing with me.

Do not engage this thing.  I have been getting a lot of strange calls lately. Another example is a call from 479-222-0942 which was a recorded message that said it was just checking to make sure that this was a working number. Huh?

Stop harassing me Skynet.

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Allan Teger, Bodyscapes

Photographer Allan Teger’s Bodyscapes project makes the nude human form fun - sexy fun.

has taken the nude body and transformed it into a landscape, taking the bodies curves, unique characteristics, and shape and made it the playground of miniature figures.

project’s monochrome photos are made by placing miniatures directly on nude models, which become the landscape for comical, often suggestive recreation. The project began in 1976 and continues through today, according to the Bodyscapes website.

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